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BCAMSevero Ochoa Award

basque center for applied mathematics

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Echeverría Ferrero, Marina

PhD Student (Predoc Severo Ochoa 2018)

CFD Modelling and Simulation

Mazarredo, 14. 48009 Bilbao Basque Country - Spain


My PhD thesis will consist of developing a patient-specific mathematical model for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. This will be done through simulations of a medical procedure called radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA). The mathematical model addresses the physical phenomena regarding the interaction between the RF energy and the cardiac tissue by means of Partial Differential Equations, which are solved numerically in an open-source Finite Element platform. My group at BCAM works in close collaboration with a cardiologist, to validate the results from the RFCA model, that can be used to improve the efficacy and safety in the current clinical practice, and to propose technical improvements in the design of more efficient and safer instruments.

Eusko Jaurlaritza - Gobierno Vasco ikerbasque - Basque Foundation for Science Bizkaia xede. Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia innobasque - Agencia vasca de la innovación Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) Ayuntamiento de Bilbao - Bilboko Udala