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Complete the following questionnaire for - IC2017_Postdoctoral Fellowship in Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Mathematics and Fluid Dynamics  (871 KB)

Our research concerns state of the art adaptive stabilized FEM [1], the FEniCS open source software project for automated solution of PDE (fenicsproject.org), in an HPC setting with good scaling on supercomputers [2] and advanced applications in computational turbulence and FSI, including parameter-free prediction of the aerodynamics of a full aircraft and simulating the human voice apparatus in the EUNISON EU project (see http://youtube.com/ctlabtv for examples).

Based on our computational mathematical methodology we have developed a New Theory of Flight [3], which enables understanding of the mechanics of flight. Our adaptive methodology applied to turbulent flow is described in the Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics [4].

We have recently received an EU Horizon 2020 e-infrstructure grant for interfacing our FEniCS-HPC framework and supercomputer applications in turbulent flow to an HPC cloud infrastructure developed together in the project consortium consisting of: BCAM, KTH, Atos, Cesga, EU-MATHS-IN, and more.

We have also been selected to develop a MOOC on FEM and FEniCS by the KTH MOOC Steering Committee.

Other recent awards include the high-profile PRACE grant for supercomputing, the Swedish Innovation Agency for industrial CFD, and Best Poster Award at the Bilbao Marine Energy Week for our work on modelling of floating offshore wind power.

The research environment is international and integrated with the department of Computational Science and Technology at KTH .

[1] Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson, Niclas Jansson, Rodrigo Vilela De Abreu, Towards a parameter-free method for high Reynolds number turbulent flow simulation based on adaptive finite element approximation, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2015
[2] Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson, Niclas Jansson, FEniCS-HPC: Automated predictive high-performance finite element computing with applications in aerodynamics, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, PPAM 2015. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2015
[3] Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson, Claes Johnson, New Theory of Flight, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, 2015
[4] Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson, Niclas Jansson, Rodrigo Vilela de Abreu, and Claes Johnson, Computability and Adaptivity in CFD, Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics. 2016

PI: Johan Jansson http://www.bcamath.org/en/peoplejjansson

Deadline: July 14th, 2017,. 15:00 CET (UTC+1)

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