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Complete the following questionnaire for - IC2021_12 Research Technician for the Atomistic Simulation of Hydrogen Diffusion in alloys  (150 KB)

This work will be focusing on the atomistic modelling of hydrogen adsorption and diffusion in metal alloys. Under certain conditions, the presence of hydrogen may lead to loss of ductility, strength and/or toughness in metals, a phenomenon called hydrogen-induced embrittlement (HIE). HIE can pose a risk to the sustainability of oil and gas structures, gearboxes and anchors of offshore wind turbines or steel architectural constructions. Although causing a serious threat for metal structures, HIE remains a complex process that is not completely understood because of the variety and complexity of mechanisms. Here, we will tackle this issue from an atomistic perspective.

The research technician will employ existing force fields combined with kinetic Monte Carlo and/or Molecular Dynamics to simulate intra- and inter-crystalline hydrogen diffusion in metal alloys of interest for the wind turbine sector.

Deadline: December 15th 2021, 14:00 CET (UTC+1) .

Applications will be evaluated in a continuous manner, with a response period no longer than 4 weeks after the call deadline.

Contact: recruitment@bcamath.org

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Call is CLOSED

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