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BCAMSevero Ochoa Award

basque center for applied mathematics

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Negro, Giuseppe

Postdoc Fellow

Linear and Non-Linear Waves

Mazarredo, 14. 48009 Bilbao Basque Country - Spain


My main research interests are in harmonic analysis and dispersive partial differential equations. An important connection between these two domains is the theory of Strichartz estimates, an integral quantification of the decay of solutions to dispersive PDEs. I am especially interested in the best constant problem for this kind of estimates. I am also interested in nonlinear problems, especially in the presence of conformal invariance.

Eusko Jaurlaritza - Gobierno Vasco ikerbasque - Basque Foundation for Science Bizkaia xede. Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia innobasque - Agencia vasca de la innovación Universidad del PaÌs Vasco (UPV/EHU)