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BCAMSevero Ochoa Award

basque center for applied mathematics

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Aguiar, Maíra

Ikerbasque Researcher - Group Leader

Mathematical Modelling in Biosciences

Mazarredo, 14. 48009 Bilbao Basque Country - Spain


I am a biologist by training, highly trained in nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation analysis and biostatistics. Using methods from dynamical systems theory and stochastic processes, my work consists of developing and analyzing descriptive and predictive models of infectious diseases, addressing significant mathematical problems and fundamental questions in biology, which require a highly interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approach. With special focus on the study of dengue fever (and other vector borne diseases) and its dynamics, I develop mathematical models to identify possible approaches to control disease transmission and for assessing the potential impact of different intervention measures. My research interests are focused on public health epidemiology with emphasis on: i) Epidemiological dynamics of multi-strain infectious diseases; ii) Interplay between pathogen serotypes and cross-immunity; iii) Epidemiological dynamics of vaccine preventable diseases; iv) Epidemiological dynamics of vector-pathogen-host interaction; v) Within-host dynamics focusing on immune responses; vi) Complex dynamics, empirical data analysis and public health intervention measures.

Eusko Jaurlaritza - Gobierno Vasco ikerbasque - Basque Foundation for Science Bizkaia xede. Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia innobasque - Agencia vasca de la innovación Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) Ayuntamiento de Bilbao - Bilboko Udala