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BCAMSevero Ochoa Award

basque center for applied mathematics

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Getto, Philipp

External Scientific Member

Modelling and Simulation in Life and Material Sciences

Mazarredo, 14. 48009 Bilbao Spain


I am currently a visiting fellow at BCAM and was a BCAM researcher from 2008-2012. My research interests are delay equations, e.g. equations with state-dependent delay and Volterra integral equations. I analyse existence and uniqueness of solutions, stability of equilibria with respect to perturbation of initial data and oscillations. I also study applications of these equations to structured population dynamics in stem- cell biology, quiescence of cells, ecology and epidemiology. At BCAM I worked with my PhD student Julia Sanchez Sanz on corresponding numeral methods. You can download Julias thesis at https://bird.bcamath.org/handle/20.500.11824/283 or e-mail me for info on our publications. Julias research was part of the project MTM 2010-18318 funded by MINECO.

Eusko Jaurlaritza - Gobierno Vasco ikerbasque - Basque Foundation for Science Bizkaia xede. Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia innobasque - Agencia vasca de la innovación Universidad del PaÌs Vasco (UPV/EHU)