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Applied Analysis

The Q-tensor theory and the Smoluchowski-Doi models are relatively new theories, from both a physical and a mathematical point of view. They were proposed in the 70s (the Q-tensor theory), respectively in the 80s (the Smoluchowski-Doi models). They are very popular in the physics community, and in particular Pierre Gilles de Gennes, who proposed the Q-tensor theory got awarded a Nobel Prizes in Physics in 1991 for his work on liquid crystals. Nevertheless they have relatively little mathematical history behind them, most mathematical progress being done in the last decade. On the other hand the nonlinear Schroedinger equation is a firmly established theory with a rich and solid mathematical and physical history.

An equally rich and profound research theme concerns analytical questions related to classical Newtonian fluids. The research so far in this direction has been concerned with wave aspects of ideal flows, respectively computationally relevant analytical questions.

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