Published [1]
  • Korotov S. On conforming nonobtuse tetrahedralizations of some cylindrical-type domains with curved boundaries Proceedings of International Conference on Applications of Mathematics (AM2012) in honor of the 60-th birthday of MIchal Krizek, Institute of Mathematics AS CR, Prague 2012, pages 131-138

    To Appear [3]
  • Korotov S., Krizek M. On conforming tetrahedralizations of prismatic partitions Proceedings of the International Conference on Differential and Difference Equations and Applications, Azores University, Portugal, 2011 (ed. Sandra Pinelas et al.)
  • Castelli R., Lessard J.-P. Rigorous numerics in Floquet theory: computing stable and unstable bundles of periodic orbits SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems
  • Escribano B., Akhmatskaya E., Mujika J.I. Combining stochastic and deterministic approaches within high effciency molecular simulations Central European Journal of Mathematics

    Submitted [1]
  • Hannukainen A., Korotov S., Krizek M. On numerical regularity of the longest-edge bisection algorithm