Basic tools of Functional analysis and PDE

Date: Mon, Nov 5 - Fri, Nov 9 2012

Hour: 09:00

Speakers: Enrique Zuazua, BCAM-Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

Most current applications of Mathematics combine, in a way or another, Partial Differential Equations as main models, its analysis, to gain comprehension on its solutions and their behavior, numerical analysis, to compute accurate approximations, and control and optimization techniques for succeeding in a better design of the underlying processes or mechanisms. In this series of lectures we shall present a number of tools of Functional Analysis that are of frequent use in all these aspect of modern Applied mathematics. We shall also underline the, sometimes unexpected, existing links in between all these areas. 

The course is designed for students with basic notions of Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis as background and it will be complemented with exercises and MatLab examples.




Confirmed speakers:

Enrique Zuazua, BCAM-Basque Center for Applied Mathematics