BCAM Scientific Seminar: Isogeometric Analysis for Engineering Applications

Date: Tue, May 22 2018

Hour: 16:00

Speakers: Victor Calo

New theoretical and computational innovations present opportunities for comprehensively and efficiently solving previously intractable problems of enormous importance in medicine, engineering, infrastructure and the environment. For example, the simulation of phase-transition phenomena in three dimensions, important in solidification processes; propagation and interaction of a large number of cracks in complex three-dimensional structures; and wall-bounded, fully-developed and transitional turbulent flows in complex geometries, which are ubiquitous in engineering and environmental applications. Additionally, we can capture patient-specific features to understand the flow in arterial systems. Critical theoretical developments have occurred in the areas of variational multiscale and phase-field modelling. Also, these are accompanied by computational developments in isogeometric modelling and analysis, image processing and meshing. In this talk, I briefly describe these technologies. I will concentrate on two applications: phase-transition simulation and fluid-structure interaction modelling for cardiovascular applications.

Dr Victor Manuel Calo is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University. He is a Professor in the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) at Curtin University. Dr Calo holds the CSIRO Professorial Chair in Computational Geoscience and is a highly cited researcher who is actively involved in disseminating knowledge: Dr Calo has authored 200+ peer-reviewed publications. Dr Calo holds a professional engineering degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires. He received a master�s in Geomechanics and a doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. Dr Calo�s research Interests include modelling and simulation of geomechanics, fluid dynamics, flow in porous media, phase separation, fluid-structure interaction, solid mechanics, and high-performance computing.

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Curtin University, Australia

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Victor Calo