BCAM Scientific Seminar: The Cosmic Spiderweb: the geometric link between cosmic, architectural, and origami webs

Date: Tue, Jun 12 2018

Hour: 16:00

Speakers: Mark Neyrinck

Many systems in nature look similar. I will describe an apparently rather large class of them, described by a geometry called a power diagram or sectional Voronoi tessellation. It describes the cosmic web (my main topic of study; the arrangement of matter and galaxies on the largest length scales), structural-engineering networks called spiderwebs (networks of threads possible to put entirely in tension), types of origami, and likely, other systems such as road networks. I will also discuss applications of these ideas.


Ikerbasque Fellow, Dept of Theoretical Physics, UPV/EHU Leioa

Confirmed speakers:

Mark Neyrinck