Introduction to Linux Basics

Date: Wed, Nov 2 - Thu, Nov 3 2016

Hour: 11:00

Speakers: Eneko Pérez & Eneko Aasagasti, BCAM

DATES: 2-3 November 2016 (2 sessions)
TIME: 11:00 - 13:00 (a total of 4 hours)

This course is devoted to learn the basic concepts of Linux and one of the most famous UNIX shells: Bash.

Day 1 - Understanding Linux
We will study and practice the following concepts:
- What is UNIX
- Linux (shell, file system, etc)
- Man
- Running your own Linux
- Remote connection
- Shell
- Environment variables
- Commands
- Listing directories
- Contents of a file
- Moving around directories
- Creating and (re)moving directories
- Creating, copying and (re)moving files
- Permissions
- Aliases
- Text editors: nano, vi(m)
- Managing jobs
- Finding stuff
- Managing space
- Login
- Remote copying
- Remote download
- (De)compressing files
- Archiving files
Day 2 - Basic Shell scripting (Bash)
This day is dedicated to Bash itself. More precisely, bash scripting. This technique allows us to combine tools and commands to create small and time-saving applications. At the end of the session, we will suggest some exercises.

A Linux computer, although Mac users could benefit too.

*Registration is free, but inscription is required before 27th October: So as to inscribe send an e-mail to Student grants are available. Please, let us know if you need support for travel and accommodation expenses.




Confirmed speakers:

Eneko Pérez & Eneko Aasagasti, BCAM