Joint BCAM-UPV/EHU Analysis and PDE seminar: Generic Smoothness for the nodal sets of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for Elliptic PDE

Date: Thu, Sep 16 2021

Hour: 17:00

Speakers: Max Engelstein

We prove that for a broad class of second order elliptic PDEs, including the Laplacian, the zero sets of solutions to the Dirichlet problem are smooth for "generic" data. Additionally, we can ensure the perturbation is "mean zero" for which there are additional technical difficulties to ensure that we do not introduce new singularities in the process of eliminating the original ones. Of independent interest, in order to prove the main theorem, we establish an effective version of the Lojasiewicz gradient inequality with uniform constants in the class of solutions with bounded frequency. This is joint work with M. Badger (UConn) and T. Toro (U. Washington/MSRI).

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University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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Max Engelstein