Joint BCAM-UPV/EHU Analysis and PDE seminar: Local well-posedness for the gKdV equation on the background of a bounded function

Date: Thu, Mar 24 2022

Hour: 17:00

Location: Online

Speakers: José Manuel Palacios


In this talk we will prove the LWP for the gKdV equation in Hs(ℝ), s>1/2, under general assumptions on the nonlinearity f(x), on the background of a bounded function Ψ(t,x), with Ψ(t,x) satisfying some suitable conditions. As a consequence of our estimates, we also obtain the unconditional uniqueness of the solution in Hs(ℝ). This result not only gives us a framework to solve the gKdV equation around a Kink, for example, but also around a periodic solution, that is, to consider localized non-periodic perturbations of a periodic solution.

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Université de Tours

Confirmed speakers:

 José Manuel Palacios