Joint BCAM-UPV/EHU Analysis and PDE seminar: On solutions to Interaction equations for short and long dispersive waves

Date: Thu, Sep 22 2022

Hour: 12:00

Location: UPV/EHU

Speakers: Felipe Linares


In this lecture we will be concerned with properties of solutions to two nonlinear dispersive models called the Schrödinger-Kortewegde Vries and Schrödinger-Benjamin-Ono systems.

First we will describe the decay of long-time solutions of the initial value problem (IVP) associated with the Schrödinger-Korteweg-de Vries system. We use recent techniques in order to show that solutions of this system decay to zero in the energy space. Our result is independent of the integrability of the equations involved and it does not require any size assumptions.

In the second part of the talk we will discuss the local well-posedness of the IVP associated with the Schrödinger-Benjamin-Ono system.

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Confirmed speakers:

Felipe Linares