Joint BCAM-UPV/EHU Analysis and PDE seminar: The Calderón problem for nonlocal operators

Date: Thu, Nov 25 2021

Hour: 18:00

Speakers: María Ángeles García Ferrero


The classical Calderón problem is the inverse problem which the electrical impedance tomography is based on. Its fractional counterpart can be studied by exploiting Runge approximation results for the fractional Laplacian, which are based on unique continuation or antilocal properties. In this talk we will consider other nonlocal operators which see conical domains and are generators of stable processes. We will see the implications of directional antilocality for the approximation theorems and for the associated Calderón problem and we will discuss the new phenomena which arise.

This is a joint work with Giovanni Covi and Angkana Róland.

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Confirmed speakers:

 María Ángeles García Ferrero