Joint BCAM-UPV/EHU Data Science and Artificial Intelligence seminar: A variational approach to nonlocal interactions: discrete-to-continuum analysis, ground states and geometric evolutions.

Date: Thu, May 25 2023

Hour: 17:00

Location: Maryam Mirzakhani Seminar Room at BCAM

Speakers: Andrea Kubin (he/him) (Technische Universität München)

We consider a core-radius approach to nonlocal perimeters governed by isotropic kernels having critical and supercritical exponents, extending the nowadays classical notion of s-fractional perimeter, defined for 0 < s < 1, to the case s>1.

In the second part of the talk we introduce a model for hard spheres interacting through attractive Riesz type potentials, and we study its thermodynamic limit.

In the third part of the talk we prove that s -fractional heat flows converge to the standard heat flow as s go to 1, and to a degenerate ODE type flow as s go to 0.

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