Light PhD Seminar: Modelling & Simulation of Classical and Quantum Systems

Date: Tue, May 22 2018

Hour: 17:30

Speakers: Simone Rusconi

Despite the technological progress of last decades, the quantitative prediction in modelling of real physical problems remains a great challenge and requires sophisticated mathematical models and advanced numerical algorithms.
In this study, we developed novel approaches, which ultimately will contribute to the understanding and prediction of chemical and physical processes.
We analysed the Controlled Radical Polymerization (CRP) of acrylic monomers, revealing that non-Markovian kinetics can explain and predict the observed reduction of the polymers branching. The developed methodology can simulate the CRP reaction in agreement with experimental evidences.
Motivated by the performance advantages of the final materials and the lack of systematic modelling framework, we designed an accurate and efficient method for the prediction of the Multi-phase Polymers Morphology (MPM).
Finally, we considered measurements performed on quantum systems of experimental and theoretical interests. We revisited the Continuous Fuzzy Measurements (CFM) theory by Audretsch and Mensky (1997), viewed by the date as a universal model-free approach to quantum measurements. 
All developed modelling approaches are general enough to be applied to the broad range of physical applications. 



Confirmed speakers:

Simone Rusconi