Physiological and evolutionary modelling in cancer

Date: Thu, Sep 10 2009

Hour: 11:00

Location: Bizkaia Technology Park, Building 500 E-48160 DERIO - Basque Country- Spain

Speakers: Tomas Alarcon

During this talk I will introduce my two main lines of research, namely, mathematical modelling of both physiological and evolutionary aspects of tumour growth and how these models may help to understand some crucial issues regarding both basic issues of tumour biology and cancer therapy. In particular, I will present a multiscale model of tumour growth which allows us to model in detail the tumour micro-environmet and its influence on tumour growth, and I will introduce some recent work on evolutionary dynamics under epigenetic regulation which have some bearing on questions regarding cancer. I will wrap up by summarising my results so far and discussing avenues for future research.

Confirmed speakers:

Tomas Alarcon