Quantum Information

Date: Mon, Mar 13 - Fri, Mar 17 2017

Hour: 10:00

Speakers: Anna Vershynina, BCAM

DATES: 13-17 March 2017 (5 sessions)
TIME: 10:00 - 12:00 (a total of 10 hours)

Quantum Information is concerned with the study of quantum mechanics from the point of view of information theory and for the purpose of information processing and computation. On the one hand, this includes quantum information theory, covering topics such as quantum teleportation, transmission of information through quantum channels, and the entanglement theory. On the other hand, it involves quantum computation, which is a computation based on the laws of quantum mechanics, covering topics such as quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, and the physical realization of quantum computers. This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of quantum information and computation.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:
- explain goals of quantum information
- analyze the differences between classical and quantum computers
- prove various entropy inequalities
- analyze quantum states using tools in quantum information theory
- modify quantum protocols, such as quantum teleportation protocol, to suit new objectives
- design quantum algorithms to achieve given goals
- verify the error-correction conditions

- Lecture 1: Introduction to quantum information
- Lecture 2: Foundations of quantum theory
- Lecture 3: Quantum information and entropy
- Lecture 4: Quantum protocols: entanglement distribution, super-dense coding, quantum teleportation
- Lecture 5: Quantum computation and error correction

- Linear Algebra
- Probability

[1] M. Wilde "Quantum Information Theory" available online
[2] M. Nielsen, I. Chuang "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information" available online
[3] J. Preskill "Lecture Notes" available online
[4] S. Haroche, J-M. Raimond "Exploring the quantum"

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Confirmed speakers:

Anna Vershynina, BCAM