The Topos-theoretic Approach to Quantum Physics

Date: Mon, Oct 16 - Fri, Oct 20 2017

Hour: 15:00

Speakers: Jean-Bernard Bru & Walter De Siqueira Pedra, BCAM

DATES: 16 October - 20 October 2017 (5 sessions)
TIME: Monday and from Wednesday to Friday (15:00 - 17:00). On Tuesday (09:30 - 11:30). A total of 10 hours.

The aim of the lectures is a short introduction to topos theory and the topos-theoretic approach to the foundation of quantum physics, as proposed by Butterfield and Isham. This approach is motivated by Bohr´s idea that the empirical content of quantum physics is accessible only through classical physics: We will show how a noncommutative (quantum) algebra of observables A induces a topos T(A) from its commutative (classical) subalgebras, and how to define the quantum state space in this topos. As an application, we will discuss the categorical formulation of the celebrated Kochen-Specker theorem, which is a central issue for the foundations of quantum physics.

[1] Flori, C.: A First Course in Topos Quantum Theory. Springer, 2013.
[2] Goldblatt, R.: Topoi, the Categorical Analysis of Logic. Dover, 1984.

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Confirmed speakers:

Jean-Bernard Bru & Walter De Siqueira Pedra, BCAM