The vortex filament equation, the Talbot effect and non-circular jets

Date: Mon, Nov 4 - Fri, Nov 8 2019

Hour: 09:40

Location: Campus UPV/EHU Leioa, Faculty of Science and Technology

Speakers: Prof. Luis Vega (BCAM)

DATES: 4 - 8 November 2019 (5 sessions)
TIME: 09:40 - 11:40 (a total of 10 hours)
LOCATION: Campus UPV/EHU Leioa, Faculty of Science and Technology
- Monday: Classroom 0.22
- Tuesday: Classroom 0.26
- Wednesday: Classroom 0.22
- Thursday: Classroom 2.5
- Friday: Classroom 0.22

1. Vortex Filament Equation: the localized induction approximation of Biot-Savart Integral and Hasimoto transformation.
2. Self-similar solutions: characterization and their connection with the case of regular polygons. The turbulence of non-circular jets. Non-linear Talbot effect
3. Skew polygonal lines: self-similar solutions have finite energy. Formation of singularities and continuation of the solutions beyond the blow-up time.

We propose the vortex filament equation as a possible toy model for turbulence, in particular because of its striking similarity to the dynamics of non-circular jets. This similarity implies the existence of some type of Talbot effect due to the interaction of non-linear waves that propagate along the filament. Another consequence of this interaction is the existence of a new class of multi-fractal sets that can be seen as a generalization of the graph of Riemann´s non-differentiable function. Theoretical and numerical arguments about the transfer of energy will be also given. This a joint work with V. Banica and F. de la Hoz.

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Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Luis Vega (BCAM)