Voting and Collective Decision-Making - Bargaining and Power

Date: Tue, Dec 9 2008

Hour: 11:00

Location: Gran vía, 35 2a Planta 48009 Bilbao

Speakers: Annick Laruelle

Voting and Collective Decision-Making - Bargaining and Power

Every day thousands of decisions are made by all kinds of committees, parliaments, councils and boards by a ‘yes-no’ voting process. Sometimes a committee can only accept or reject the proposals submitted to it for a decision. On other occasions, committee members have the possibility of modifying the proposal and bargaining an agreement prior to the vote. In either case, what rule should be used if each member acts on behalf of a different sized group? It seems intuitively clear that if the groups are of different sizes then a symmetric rule (e.g. the simple majority or unanimity) is not suitable. The question then arises of what voting rule should be used. Voting and Collective Decision-Making addresses this and other issues through a study of the theory of bargaining and voting power, showing how it applies to real decision-making contexts.


Ikerbasque & UPV-EHU

Confirmed speakers:

Annick Laruelle