Magdalena Strugaru

Postdoc Fellow

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Information of interest

I have obtained my PhD degree at the University of Pau France in December 2009, after having written a thesis on some discontinuous Galerkin methods for Helmholtz problems. I am currently working on extending these methods to more sophisticated problems related to wave propagation, but also on numerical algorithms for some minimization problems arising in calculus of variations and elasticity. Globally speaking I am interested in the numerical analysis of partial differential equations and the implementation of numerical schemes, including a posteriori error estimates and mesh refinement techniques. I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Reliable Finite Element Simulations group.


Dissemination activities

Date Title Place
2011-07-03 Numerical performance of a DG-like method applied to waveguide and scattering Helmholtz-type problems The Seventh Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, Brasov, Romania
2011-05-28 A stable DG-like method for Helmholtz problems COMPDYN 2011, Corfu, Greece
2010-09-13 Numerical performance of a mixed-hybrid type solution methodology for solving high-frequency Helmholtz problems BCAM Headquarters
2010-07-19 A DG-like stabilized methodology for solving Helmholtz problems WCCM 2010, Sydney, Australia
2010-06-07 Recent efforts to efficiently solve wave propagation problems BCAM Headquarters