Desarrollo basado en Tecnología Española de Sistemas Avanzados de Fabricación y Prototipado de Componentes Estratégicos mediante Sinterizado de Polvo asistido por Láser

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BCAM principal investigator: Johan Jansson
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BCAM principal investigator: Lakhdar Remaki
BCAM research line(s) involved:
Reference: FRACTAL
Coordinator: ETXE-TAR
Partners: ALME
Federico Albero SAU
Mesurex SL
Lantec 2000 Sistemas
Laser Center of th Polytecnic University of Madrid
UPV/EHU - University of the Basque Country
BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
MIND group of the University of Barcelona
Duration: 2014 - 2018
Funding agency: CDTI
Type: National Project
Status: Closed


This Project, Fractal, “Development of Spanish-Technology-Based Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Systems for Strategic Components via Laser Assisted Powder Sintering” represents the merging between the Spanish Scientific research and Industrial sectors to place our country in the map of the technology of Additive Manufacturing with own means and profiting from the experience in the different areas of knowledge required to reach this objective. Starting from a deep knowledge of the raw materials in powder form, its connection with exerting close control and management of laser technology and energy delivery along with ample experience in the manufacturing of components with predetermined technical specifications, we can sustain that the consortium assembles all the required characteristics to impulse this technology beyond the nowadays state of the art. After the study and analyses of the different technical aspects involved in the process of Additive Manufacturing, having discussed every one of them with the Spanish experts in each line and counting, in the forefront, with the technology on laser management patented by the Spanish Company Etxe-tar, leading the proposal, it is thought that the starting point of this project is unbeatable. The objective is clearly stated in the text of the proposal: the aim is generating an innovative focus on Additive Manufacturing oriented towards economically increasing the build-up rate and to producing larger components, thus providing solutions to unsolved problems with the present technology. Based on the aforementioned patented technology, which allows generating variable spots able to deliver defined energy densities, combined with an innovative solution to feed and distribute the powder, the productivity ratio, process efficiency and time may be substantially improved. There is an experience of more than 15 years using third party technologies whereas FRACTAL believes on the need to go a step ahead proposing an innovative solution in a market whose evolution is incremental by relying on well established technologies but not rupturist.

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