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Multi-agent deep Q-network-based metaheuristic algorithm for Nurse Rostering Problem

Zhang, X.; Yang, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Lin, Q.; Chen, W.; Li, J.; Coello, C.A. (2024-06-01)

The Nurse Rostering Problem (NRP) aims to create an efficient and fair work schedule that balances both the needs of employees and the requirements of hospital operations. Traditional local search-based metaheuristic algorit...

A localized decomposition evolutionary algorithm for imbalanced multi-objective optimization

Ye, Y.; Lin, Q.; Wong, K. C.; Li, J.; Ming, Z.; Coello, C.A. (2024-03-01)

Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms based on decomposition (MOEA/Ds) convert a multi-objective optimization problem (MOP) into a set of scalar subproblems, which are then optimized in a collaborative manner. However, whe...

A stochastic programming model for ambulance (re)location–allocation under equitable coverage and multi-interval response time

Gago, I.; Aldasoro, U.; Ceberio, J.; Merino, M. (2024-03-14)

Emergency Medical Services are essential for health systems as their effective management can improve patient prognosis. Nevertheless, designing an optimized distribution of resources is a difficult task due to the complex n...

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulations of integral multi-mode and fractional viscoelastic models

Santelli, L.; Vazquez-Quesada, A.; Ellero, M. (2024-07-01)

To capture specific characteristics of non-Newtonian fluids, during the past years fractional constitutive models have become increasingly popular. These models are able to capture, in a simple and compact way, the complex b...