Knowledge Transfer

Industrial PhDs

An industrial doctorate is a training opportunity for young researchers willing to enrol in PhD programmes together with industry stakeholders and promote knowledge transfer from academy to the socioeconomic environment.

Current Industrial PhDs

Iberdrola (2020-2024)

Robust online learning under concept drift and its application to load forecasting.

BMW Group (2021-2024)

Generative design: Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulation model and data

Past Industrial PhDs

Lantek (2019-2020)

PhD Position in 2D and 3D packing with curved geometries.

ITP Aero (2019-2022)

PhD position in Machine Learning applied to electro welding.

BBVA AI Factory (2021-2022)

PhD position on generalized supervision for scenarios affected by noisy labels, semi-supervision, domain adaptation, and heterogeneous samples.