Joint BCAM-UPV/EHU Analysis and PDE seminar: Duality for outer L^p spaces and relation to tent spaces

Fecha: Jue, Oct 21 2021

Hora: 12:00

Ponentes: Marco Fraccaroli


The theory of Lp spaces for outer measures, or outer Lp spaces, was developed by Do and Thiele to encode the proof of boundedness of certain multilinear operators in a streamlined argument. Accordingly to this purpose, the theory was developed in the direction of the real interpolation features of these spaces, such as versions of Hölder´s inequality and Marcinkiewicz interpolation, while other questions remained untouched.

For example, the outer Lp spaces are defined by quasi-norms generalizing the classical mixed Lp norms on sets with a Cartesian product structure; it is then natural to ask whether in arbitrary settings the outer Lp quasi-norms are equivalent to norms. In this talk, we will answer this question, with a particular focus on a specific setting on the upper half space Rd - (0, ∞). This will allow us to clarify the relation between outer Lp spaces and tent spaces.

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Marco Fraccaroli