Originally used to describe gas dynamics, kinetic equations are today used in many fields of sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, materials sciences, epidemiology, etc.).

Their study involves a wide mathematical palette ranging from modeling to theoretical study through numerical analysis. One of the main challenges is the study of the dynamic properties of these equations, particularly in a long time. Obtaining precise quantitative information is also a current challenge in theory. Recently significant progress has been made in the study of these models using tools from many areas of mathematics: PDE, Mathematical Physics, and Probability.

This conference aims to bring together global experts on these themes to take stock of the latest advances and bring new issues to the surface.

This is also the closing conference of the ANR QuAMProcs project (https://quamprocs.math.u-bordeaux.fr/projet/)

Organizing Committee: 

  • J-B. Bru
  • L. Michel

Scientific Committee:

  • F. Hérau
  • T. Lelièvre
  • E. Locherbach
  • W. de Siquiera Pedra


Registration start:
Jan 02 2024.
Registration deadline:
May 06 2024.