SENDAI - SEgurtasun integrala iNDustria AdImentsurako

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BCAM principal investigator: Ekhine Irurozki
BCAM research line(s) involved:
Reference: KK-2019/00072
Coordinator: Tecnalia
Partners: BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
University of Mondragon
UD - University of Deusto
UNAV - University of Navarra
UPV/EHU - Department of Communication Engineering of the University of Basque Country
Duration: 2019 - 2021
Funding agency: Basque Government (ELKARTEK)
Type: Regional Project
Status: Closed


The "SEgurtasun integrala iNDustria AdImentsurako - SENDAI" project was created with the aim of developing the knowledge base in Industrial Cybersecurity, initiated with the ELKARTEK SEKUTEK project and continued with CYBERPREST, developing technology around the Laboratories of the Cybersecurity Node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) and other laboratories that may join it, enabling the resilience of Basque Industry to be improved in the face of cyber-attacks and boosting the development of the Basque Cybersecurity Industry. Through this action, the Basque Country's Industrial Cybersecurity knowledge hub will be boosted, placing value in the Basque Country and international context on the technology to be developed in the existing laboratories. Within the SENDAI project, research will be carried out into indicators of compromise technology in industrial control systems, systems for the integral evaluation of industrial components, Distributed Ledger technologies and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for their proof of concept in the BDIH laboratories and their visualisation through the development of industrial cyberrange technology for advanced cybersecurity training.

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