BCAM Project Office

How did it come about?

BCAM, through its research work, has a clear strategic line towards the international community, as it seeks to promote mathematical research to identify, understand and solve society's challenges.

Due to this need, the BCAM Project Office emerges. The main objective of this Office is to obtain the necessary resources to provide support for the participation of researchers in regional, statal, and European programs.

Areas of action - What is our function?

This Office offers a comprehensive service that covers a project's life cycle, from identifying funding opportunities to planning, execution, follow-up, and closure of projects, including efficient economic and administrative management. Accordingly, support is offered to research staff in the following aspects:

  • Connecting ideas with funding opportunities and professional career development guidance.

  • Design and presentation of proposals and their associated documentation.

  • Support in the search for agreements and contracts.

  • Project start-up.

  • Project monitoring and control.

  • Project justification and audits (if required).

  • Any other management related to the development of the project.

Our team - Who are we?

This office has a transversal nature, and it is made up of a multidisciplinary team, formed by three professionals with different profiles. They work with the common goal of helping and facilitating the work of the center's scientific team in terms of project management and they are supported by the rest of BCAM's administrative team.

  • Project Management

  • People attraction Management

  • Economic justifications and audits

  • Legal aspects of the programs

  • Communication and dissemination of the programs

Main Research Programmes

BERC Programme 2022-2025

Duration: 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2025
Funded by: Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco / Basque Government
Host institution: BCAM
Principal investigator: Jose A. Lozano
Budget: 4,780,204€

Excellence Acreditation "Severo Ochoa"

Duration: 01/01/2023 - 31/12/2027
Funded by: Spanish Government - AEI
Host institution: BCAM
Principal investigator: Luis Vega
Budget: 4,000,000€

Research Projects