Zoe Nieraeth

Postdoc Fellow

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Postdoc  Fellow at BCAM

  • Banach function spaces done right 

    Lorist, E.; Nieraeth, Z.Autoridad BCAM (2024-03)
    In this survey, we discuss the definition of a (quasi-)Banach function space. We advertise the original definition by Zaanen and Luxemburg, which does not have various issues introduced by other, subsequent definitions. ...
  • Extrapolation in general quasi-Banach function spaces 

    Nieraeth, Z.Autoridad BCAM (2023-11-15)
    In this work we prove off-diagonal, limited range, multilinear, vector-valued, and two-weight versions of the Rubio de Francia extrapolation theorem in general quasi-Banach function spaces. We prove mapping properties of ...

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