EBRAINS Brain Simulation Workshop 2024

Date: Mon, Jun 3 - Fri, Jun 7 2024

Hour: More information on the website

Location: Bizkaia Aretoa (Bilbao)

Speakers: More information on the website

Register: Workshop website link

The Workshop will focus on Computational Neuroscience and the EBRAINS Cellular level Modeling Platform (ECEMP), with the main aim to extend access to this field and related tools to the neuroscientific communities. After the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding on the techniques and the scientific methods underlying the implementation of detailed computational models. Participants will also be able to use the Platform and access supercomputer systems to configure and run a simulation, to visualize and analyse simulation results, and to form collaborative groups interested in exploring scientific issues of common interest. 

EBRAINS is the main simulation platform that has been created through the flagship Human Brain Project (HBP), and it will remain active after HBP stops. Therefore, this is a long-term international platform that will profoundly matter in the European Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Neuroscience community. This workshop will be the first EBRAINS workshop event ever organised, in Bilbao. 

The webpage of EBRAINS is available at https://www.ebrains.eu/

List of topics: 

  • Mathematical modelling of neuro-systems 
  • Electrophysiological features extraction 
  • Single-cell modeling 
  • 3D cell morphologies 
  • The NEURON-python simulation environment 
  • Full-scale models of brain areas, olfactory bulb & hippocampus 
  • Implementing simplified mathematical neuron models 
  • The NEST simulator 
  • In silico experiments using circuits 
  • Modeling pathological conditions. 
  • Implementing /running efficient simulations on parallel supercomputer systems. 

The organization of the workshop will be as follows. A total of ten thematic sessions will be presented about the platform and related mathematical and computational theories, two per day, supplemented by one “Scientific drive” session every day and one “Hands-on” session every day, in this five-day workshop. We will have thirteen speakers. Talks with include examples and lab projects, which will be presented on Day 3 of the workshop. 


Organizing Committee: 

  • Serafim Rodrigues (BCAM – Ikerbasque) 

  • Arghir Zarnescu (BCAM – Ikerbasque) 

  • Danillo Barros de Souza (BCAM, MCEN)

  • Mathieu Desroches (Inria, France and external member of BCAM) 

  • Emre Baspinar (Inria)

  • Michele Migliore (National Research Council, Italy) 

  • Alessia Bonafede (National Research Council, Italy) 

  • Luca Leonardo Bologna (National Research Council, Italy) 



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