Fractional Calculus, Probability And Non-Local Operators: Applications and recent developments

Date: Mon, May 20 - Wed, May 22 2024

Hour: More information on the schedule of the website

Location: Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM

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The workshop Fractional Calculus, Probability and Non-local Operators will take place at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM in Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain).

The conference promises to be a gathering of renowned experts in the many branches and intersections of Fractional Calculus, Probability and Analysis of Non-local Operators. The current edition will be the 8th one of a series of workshops started in 2013 and, in this occasion, will host the first meeting of the PRIN2022 MUR project "Non-Markovian dynamics and non-local equations". 


  • József Lőrinczi (Rényi Institute of Mathematics)

  • Gianni Pagnini (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics and Ikerbasque)

  • Costantino Ricciuti (La Sapienza, Roma)  

  • Luz Roncal (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Ikerbasque, and Universidad del País Vasco)

  • Enrico Scalas (La Sapienza, Roma)

  • Bruno Toaldo (University of Turin)

Confirmed speakers:

  • Giacomo Ascione (Scuola Superiore Meridionale)

  • Luisa Beghin (La Sapienza, Roma)

  • Christian Bender (University of Saarlandes)

  • Elena Boguslavskaya (Brunel University London)

  • Yana Butko (Kassel University)

  • Carlota Cuesta (Universidad del País Vasco)

  • Giuseppe D'Onofrio (Polytechnic of Turin)

  • Mirko D'Ovidio (La Sapienza, Roma)

  • Alessandro De Gregorio (La Sapienza, Roma)

  • Antonio Di Crescenzo (University of Salerno)

  • Sergei Fedotov (University of Manchester)

  • Nicos Georgiou (University of Sussex)

  • María del Mar González (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

  • Atsuhide Ishida (Tokyo University of Science)

  • Moritz Kassmann (University of Bielefeld)

  • Matthias Keller (University of Potsdam)

  • Nikolai Leonenko (Cardiff University)

  • Francesco Mainardi (University of Bologna)

  • Aleksandar Mijatovic (University of Warwick)

  • Pierre Patie (Cornell University)

  • Enrica Pirozzi (University of Naples)

  • Federico Polito (University of Turin)

  • Mladen Savov (Sofia University)

  • René Schilling (TU Dresden)

  • Gerónimo Uribe Bravo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

  • Vanja Wagner (University of Zagreb)