IKUR Quantum Talks: The coming decade of quantum simulators

Date: Wed, May 17 2023

Hour: 19:00

Location: Azkuna Zentroa

Speakers: Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO)


Abstract: Quantum simulators can model complex quantum systems that are far beyond the capabilities of conventional computers. This will make them an invaluable tool for researchers looking to develop new materials, optimize chemical reactions, or solve the equations governing the dynamics of elementary particles, and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Maciej Lewenstein (Warsau 1955) is a renowned physicist who has made significant contributions to a broad range of fields, including quantum optics and quantum information. He is currently leading a team of twenty-five scientists as an ICREA Research Professor at the Institut de Ciècies Fotòniques (ICFO) in Catalonia. In this lecture, he will explore the golden future of quantum simulators and the exciting possibilities they hold for scientific research and technological advancement.

Language: English
Simultaneous translation: Euskera and Spanish

Admission is free until full capacity is reached and can be followed in streaming.