MTB Group Seminar Series: The Impact of Vaccination on the Evolution of COVID-19 in Portugal

Date: Fri, Oct 15 2021

Hour: 15:00

Speakers: Paula Patricio


First, we present an age-structured SEIR model that uses contact patterns to reflect the physical distance measures implemented in Portugal to control the COVID-19 pandemic. By using these matrices and proper estimates for the parameters in the model, we were able to ascertain the impact of mitigation strategies employed in the past. Results show that the March 2020 lockdown had an impact in the disease transmission, bringing the effective reproduction number (R(t)) below 1 ([2]).

In a second part, we use a simple model to analyze the impact of vaccination on the control of the pandemic. First, we fit a SEIR type model without vaccination to the Portuguese data on confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

[1] C. Caetano, M.L. Morgado, P. Patriıcio, J.F. Pereira and B. Nunes, Mathematical modelling of the impact of non-pharmacological strategies to control the COVID-19 epidemic in Portugal, Mathematics, 9, no 10 (2021) 1084.

[2] B Machado, L Antunes, C Caetano, J F Pereira, B Nunes, P Patricio, and M L Morgado, The Impact of Vaccination on the Evolution of COVID-19 in Portugal, Submitted (2021).

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Centro de Matemática Aplicada (CMA), Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Confirmed speakers:

Paula Patricio