MTB Group Seminar Series: Uncertain Outcomes: Evidence-based mathematical modelling in an era of COVID-19

Date: Fri, Mar 26 2021

Hour: 14:00

Speakers: Sheetal Silal


The South African COVID-19 Modelling Consortium was established to project the spread of the disease to support policy and planning in South Africa over the course of the epidemic. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the outbreak globally and in South Africa, the projections and models were updated regularly as new data became available. This talk will present an overview of the models used, data available and modelling process over the first two waves of COVID-19 in South Africa, providing a foundation for modelling a third wave. The importance of incorporating local context and data and communicating the uncertainty and limitations of the model will be highlighted.

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University of Cape Town & Oxford University

Confirmed speakers:

Sheetal Silal