Judit Muñoz Matute

Postdoc Fellow

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Information of interest

  • Robust Variational Physics-Informed Neural Networks 

    Rojas, S.Autoridad BCAM; Maczuga, P.; Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM; Paszynski, M. (2024)
    We introduce a Robust version of the Variational Physics-Informed Neural Networks method (RVPINNs). As in VPINNs, we define the quadratic loss functional in terms of a Petrov-Galerkin-type variational formulation of the ...
  • Error representation of the time-marching DPG scheme 

    Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM; Demkowicz, Leszek; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM (2022-03-01)
    In this article, we introduce an error representation function to perform adaptivity in time of the recently developed time-marching Discontinuous Petrov–Galerkin (DPG) scheme. We first provide an analytical expression for ...
  • The DPG Method for the Convection-Reaction Problem, Revisited 

    Demkowicz, L.; Roberts, N.V.; Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM (2022-01-01)
    We study both conforming and non-conforming versions of the practical DPG method for the convection-reaction problem. We determine that the most common approach for DPG stability analysis - construction of a local Fortin ...
  • A DPG-based time-marching scheme for linear hyperbolic problems 

    Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM; Demkowicz, L. (2020-11)
    The Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin (DPG) method is a widely employed discretization method for Partial Di fferential Equations (PDEs). In a recent work, we applied the DPG method with optimal test functions for the time ...
  • Variational Formulations for Explicit Runge-Kutta Methods 

    Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM; Calo, V.M.; Alberdi, E. (2019-08)
    Variational space-time formulations for partial di fferential equations have been of great interest in the last decades, among other things, because they allow to develop mesh-adaptive algorithms. Since it is known ...
  • Explicit-in-Time Goal-Oriented Adaptivity 

    Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM; Calo, V.M.; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM; Alberdi, E.; Van der Zee, K.G. (2019-04-15)
    Goal-oriented adaptivity is a powerful tool to accurately approximate physically relevant solution features for partial differential equations. In time dependent problems, we seek to represent the error in the quantity of ...
  • Forward-in-Time Goal-Oriented Adaptivity 

    Muñoz-Matute, J.Autoridad BCAM; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM; Calo, V.M.; Alberdi, E. (2019-03)
    In goal-oriented adaptive algorithms for partial differential equations, we adapt the finite element mesh in order to reduce the error of the solution in some quantity of interest. In time-dependent problems, this adaptive ...

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