Mohammad Mahdi Abedi

Postdoc Fellow

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Mohammad Mahdi Abedi is a postdoctoral researcher working with the simulation of wave propagation group at BCAM, where he is responsible for the development of deep learning and semi-analytical methods with seismic applications. He has a Ph.D. in Geophysics from University of Tehran, an M.Sc. in Petroleum  Engineering, and a B.Sc. in Mining Engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology.

  • A new acoustic assumption for orthorhombic media 

    Abedi, M.M.Autoridad BCAM; Stovas, A. (2020-11)
    In exploration seismology, the acquisition, processing and inversion of P-wave data is a routine. However, in orthorhombic anisotropic media, the governing equations that describe the P-wave propagation are coupled with ...

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