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Information of interest

  • Coarse-graining RNA nanostructures for molecular dynamics simulations 

    Paliy, M.; Melnik, R.Autoridad BCAM; Shapiro, B.A. (2010-12-31)
    A series of coarse-grained models have been developed for study of the molecular dynamics of RNA nanostructures. The models in the series have one to three beads per nucleotide and include different amounts of detailed ...
  • Coupled Electro-mechanical Behavior of Microtubules 

    Singh, S.; Melnik, R.Autoridad BCAM (2019)
    n this contribution, the coupled electro-mechanical behavior of the microtubules has been systematically investigated utilizing a continuum-based finite element framework. A three-dimensional computational model of a mi- ...
  • Electrochemical Potential Derived from Atomic Cluster Structures 

    Du, J.; Xiao, D.; Wen, B.; Melnik, R.Autoridad BCAM; Kawazoe, Y. (2016-01-01)
    Based on the atomic cluster structures and free electron approximation model, it is revealed that the electrochemical potential (ECP) for the system of interest is proportional to the reciprocal of atomic cluster radius ...
  • Functional Geometry of Human Connectomes 

    Tadic, B.; Andjelkovic, M.; Melnik, R.Autoridad BCAM (2019-08)
    Mapping the brain imaging data to networks, where nodes represent anatomical brain regions and edges indicate the occurrence of fiber tracts between them, has enabled an objective graph-theoretic analysis of human connectomes. ...
  • Hidden electronic rule in the "cluster-plus-glue-Atom" model 

    Du, J.; Dong, C.; Melnik, R.Autoridad BCAM; Kawazoe, Y.; Wen, B. (2016-10-01)
    Electrons and their interactions are intrinsic factors to affect the structure and properties of materials. Based on the “cluster-cluster-plus-glue-atom” model, an electron counting rule for complex metallic alloys (CMAs) ...
  • Three Dimensional Metallic Carbon from Distorting sp3-Bond 

    Cheng, Y.; Melnik, R.Autoridad BCAM; Kawazoe, Y.; Wen, B. (2016-01-01)
    Owing to the outstanding properties of metallic carbon as well as their great potential applications, design and synthesis of metallic carbon have long attracted considerable attention. In this work, a new three-dimensional ...

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