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Information of interest

BCAM Researcher at BCAM and TECNALIA - Offshore Renewable Energy Group

Scientific Interests:

  • Computational stochastic mechanics and linearisation techniques
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Wave mechanics of ocean waves
  • Short term and long term statistics of ocean waves
  • Propagation models of ocean waves
  • Hydrodynamics of floating bodies
  • Systems for harnessing of energy from ocean waves
  • Offshore floating and fixed systems for wind energy.
  • On building physics-based AI models for the design and SHM of mooring systems 

    Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM; Aristondo, A.; Varo, V.; Esteras, M.; Touzon, I.; Boto, F.; Mendikoa, I.; Ruiz-Minguela, P.; Gil-Lopez, S.; Gorostidi, N.Autoridad BCAM; Pardo, D.Autoridad BCAM (2023-01-01)
    Expert systems in industrial processes are modelled using physics-based approaches, data-driven models or hybrid approaches in which however the underlying physical models generally constitute a separate block with respect ...
  • Faulty wind farm simulation: An estimation/control-oriented model 

    Peña-Sanchez, Y.; Penalba, M.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM (2023-01-01)
    A large percentage of the electricity generation cost of wind turbines (WTs) is related to the operation and maintenance of the WTs. To reduce such costs, fault detection and isolation (FDI) and fault tolerant control (FTC) ...
  • Technology-Agnostic Assessment of Wave Energy System Capabilities 

    Ruiz‐minguela, P.; Blanco, J.M.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM; Jeffrey, H.F. (2022-04-01)
    Developing new wave energy technologies is risky, costly and time-consuming. The large diversity of concepts, components and evaluation criteria creates a vast design space of potentially feasible solutions. This paper ...
  • Reducing variability in the cost of energy of ocean energy arrays 

    Topper, M.B.R.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM; Collin, A.J.; Bould, D.; Ferri, F.; Olson, S.S.; Dallmann, A.R.; Roberts, J.D.; Ruiz Minguela, P.; Jeffrey, H.F. (2019-09)
    Variability in the predicted cost of energy of an ocean energy converter array is more substantial than for other forms of energy generation, due to the combined stochastic action of weather conditions and failures. If the ...
  • Hydrodynamic identification of NAUTILUS FOWT platform from small scale tests 

    Galván, J.; Sánchez-Lara, M.; Garrido-Mendoza, C.; Pérez-Morán, G.; Boulluec, M.L.; Augier, B.; Rodriguez-Arias, R.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM (2019)
    A small-scale tank test campaign of the NAUTILUS offshore wind floating semisub-mersible platform was held at the Ifremer Deep Water Basin within the framework of the MaRINET 2 project. The support structure consists in ...
  • Mooring system monitoring of offshore renewable energy floating platforms 

    Touzon, I.; Garcia-Corcuera, A.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM; Rodriguez-Arias, R.; de Miguel, B. (2019)
    An appropriate schedule of the operations for the maintenance (both long and short term) of offshore renewable energy devices can be a crucial key factor for assessing the economic viability of marine energy projects. ...
  • Finite Element Simulations of Two-phase Flow and Floating Bodies Using FEniCS-HPC 

    Moragues, M.Autoridad BCAM; Castanon, D.; Degirmenci, N.C.; Jansson, J.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM; Krishnasamy, E.; Hoffman, J.Autoridad BCAM (2018-07)
    We present a variational multiscale stabilized finite element method to solve the variable density incompressible Navier-Stokes equations for the simulation of two-phase flow. We introduce a level-set method based on the ...
  • Layout Optimisation of Wave Energy Converter Arrays 

    Mercadé Ruiz, P.; Nava, V.Autoridad BCAM; Topper, M.B.R.; Ruiz Minguela, P.; Ferri, F.; Kofoed, J.P. (2017-08-24)
    This paper proposes an optimisation strategy for the layout design of wave energy converter (WEC) arrays. Optimal layouts are sought so as to maximise the absorbed power given a minimum q-factor, the minimum distance between ...

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