BID3ABI - Big Data para RIS3

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BCAM principal investigator: Dae-Jin Lee
BCAM research line(s) involved:
Reference: KK-2016/00096
Coordinator: Tecnalia
Partners: BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
Deusto Foundation
Ibermatic Institute of Innovation (i3B)
UPV/EHU - University of Basque Country
Duration: 2016 - 2016
Funding agency: Basque Government (ELKARTEK)
Type: Regional Project
Status: Closed


The general objective of the project is to carry out research into Big Data sciences and technologies to respond to the needs of the priority areas defined in the RIS3 strategy of the Basque Country, with special emphasis on Advanced Manufacturing. To this end, the specific objectives defined are: To develop knowledge, technology and tools to bring the potential of data analytics to companies. data analytics to companies. Big Data is a wide range of knowledge disciplines that are developing exponentially and cooperation makes sense in order to limit uncertainties, validate strategies, strengthen and accelerate the technologies with the greatest impact, cover the skills that the country will need and, at the same time, specialise the agents. The project focuses on the development of Big Data knowledge, prioritising technologies with potential impact on RIS3 sectors. The scientific-technological development is oriented towards the generation of validated and "packaged" technology that can be used as a component of multiple different solutions and facilitates the transfer and absorption of knowledge by the productive fabric, abstracting the maximum complexity or technological barriers, even for SMEs. Experiment and validate the technology developed in innovative business models to create Smart Data solutions. Big Data is a "horizontal" knowledge discipline that brings value when hybridised with "vertical" business problems. The project generates strategies in Big Data technologies and experiments with data from specific cases to analyse their suitability for the areas prioritised in the Basque RIS3 strategy: Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and Health/Biosciences. This experimentation is carried out with real data from these areas with the idea of stimulating effective pilots and, later on, market implementation projects.

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