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Verónica Álvarez will defend her doctoral thesis on Monday, 25th September

  • The defense will be held in Faculty of Computer Science of UPV/EHU at Donostia

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New paper from BCAM researcher in the Journal of Machine Learning Research

Ikerbasque Asssociate researcher Santiago Mazuelas has published the paper “Minimax Risk Cassifiers with 0-1 Loss” on

About the center, BCAM people

IN-DEEP, the new MSCA Doctoral Network project for training PhD students in Deep Learning techniques

  • The project is coordinated by researcher David Pardo (UPV/EHU) and BCAM's role in the project is led by Judit Muñ

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Generalized plane offsets and rational parameterizations



Optimal vaccine allocation for the control of sexually transmitted infections

Saldaña, F.; Steindorf, V.; Srivastav, A.K.; Stollenwerk, N.; Aguiar, M. (2023-04-15)

The burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) poses a challenge due to its large negative impact on sexual and reproductive health worldwide. Besides simple prevention measures and available treatment efforts, proph...

Wiener-Hopf Integral Equations in Mean First-passage Time Problems for Continuous-time Random Walks

Dahlenburg, M.; Pagnini, G. (2023-01-01)

We study the mean first-passage time (MFPT) for asymmetric continuous time random walks in continuous space characterised by finite mean waiting times and jump amplitudes with both finite average and finite variance. We deri...

Partition Constant of Binary Mixtures for the Equilibrium between a Bulk and a Confined Phase

Cortés, H.E.; Scherlis, D. A.; Factorovich, M. H. (2022-09-15)

It is well-known that the thermodynamic, kinetic and structural properties of fluids, and in particular of water and its solutions, can be drastically affected in nanospaces. A possible consequence of nanoscale confinement o...