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PhD Student at BCAM. 

  • A macroscopic clock model to solve the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat 

    Sokolovski, D.; Uranga, A.Autoridad BCAM; Akhmatskaya, E.Autoridad BCAM (2024-12-01)
    We propose detecting the moment an atom emits a photon by means of a nearly classical macroscopic clock and discuss its viability. It is shown that what happens in such a measurement depends on the relation between the ...
  • COPD classification models and mortality prediction capacity 

    Aramburu, A.; Arostegui, I.Autoridad BCAM; Moraza, J.; Barrio, I.Autoridad BCAM; Aburto, M.; García-Loizaga, A.; Uranga, A.Autoridad BCAM; Zabala, T.; Quintana, J.M.; Esteban, C. (2019)
    Our aim was to assess the impact of comorbidities on existing COPD prognosis scores. Patients and methods: A total of 543 patients with COPD (FEV1 < 80% and FEV1/ FVC <70%) were included between January 2003 and January ...
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease subtypes. transitions over time 

    Esteban, C.; Arostegui, I.Autoridad BCAM; Aburto, M.; Moraza, J.; Quintana, J.M.; García-Loizaga, A.; Basualdo, L.V.; Aramburu, A.; Aizpiri, S.; Uranga, A.Autoridad BCAM; Capelastegui, A. (2016-10-30)
    Background Although subtypes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are recognized, it is unknown what happens to these subtypes over time. Our objectives were to assess the stability of cluster-based subtypes in patients ...

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