Bruno Valdemar Guerrero Borges

Research Technician

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T +34 946 567 842
F +34 946 567 842

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Research Technician at BCAM

  • Complex Network Approaches for Epidemic Modeling: A Case Study of COVID-19 

    Srivastav, A.K.Autoridad BCAM; Anam, V.Autoridad BCAM; Blasco-Aguado, R.; Estadilla, C.D.Autoridad BCAM; Guerrero, B.V.Autoridad BCAM; Kebir, A.Autoridad BCAM; Mateus, L.; Naffeti, B.Autoridad BCAM; Saldaña, F.Autoridad BCAM; Steindorf, V.Autoridad BCAM; Stollenwerk, N.Autoridad BCAM (2024-03-01)
    Since the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the importance of mathematical modeling as a tool for comprehending disease dynamics has been highlighted, with several mathematical modeling techniques being applied and developed to simulate ...
  • Within-host models unravelling the dynamics of dengue reinfections 

    Anam, V.Autoridad BCAM; Guerrero, B.V.Autoridad BCAM; Srivastav, A.K.Autoridad BCAM; Stollenwerk, N.Autoridad BCAM; Aguiar, M.Autoridad BCAM (2024-02-07)
    Caused by four serotypes, dengue fever is a major public health concern worldwide. Current modeling efforts have mostly focused on primary and heterologous secondary infections, assuming that lifelong immunity prevents ...

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