Gianni Pagnini

Ikerbasque Research Associate

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Information of interest

My scientific interests concern in a wide sense both turbulent dispersion and anomalous diffusion. 

For what concerns turbulent mixing, my research activities are devoted to the Lagrangian features of turbulence with applications to environmental problems and turbulent premixed combustion, as well as to fundamental issues. In particular they are focused on the modelling of the absolute and the relative dispersion by means of nonlinear stochastic differential equations and on turbulent reacting flows by including the level-set method.

For what concerns anomalous diffusion, my research activities are driven in the framework of Fractional Calculus and focused on the so-called fractional diffusion. In particular they require tools and methods belonging to the integral transform theories and to the field of the so-called Special Functions and involve L�vy stable densities.

Date Title Place
2013-02-26 BCAM Workshop Environmental Mathematics Day BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao, Basque Country - Spain
The randomized level-set method for tracking front in turbulent flows
Department of Mathematics, University of Bologna, Italy