Luz Roncal Gómez

Ikerbasque Research Associate

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Information of interest

Ikerbasque Research and Ramón y Cajal Fellow. 

My research concerns problems from Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations.

  • Maximal operators on the infinite-dimensional torus 

    Roncal, Luz; Kosz, D.Autoridad BCAM; Martínez-Perales, J.; Paternostro, V.; Rela, E.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM (2022-03-31)
    We study maximal operators related to bases on the infinite-dimensional torus $\tom$. {For the normalized Haar measure $dx$ on $\mathbb{T}^\omega$ it is known that $M^{\mathcal{R}_0}$, the maximal operator associated with ...
  • Discrete Carleman estimates and three balls inequalities 

    Fernández-Bertolin, A.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM; Rüland, A.; Stan, D. (2021-10-16)
    We prove logarithmic convexity estimates and three balls inequalities for discrete magnetic Schrödinger operators. These quantitatively connect the discrete setting in which the unique continuation property fails and the ...
  • Bilinear Spherical Maximal Functions of Product Type 

    Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM; Shrivastava, S.; Shuin, K. (2021-08-12)
    In this paper we introduce and study a bilinear spherical maximal function of product type in the spirit of bilinear Calderón–Zygmund theory. This operator is different from the bilinear spherical maximal function considered ...
  • Variation bounds for spherical averages 

    Beltran, D.; Oberlin, R.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM; Stovall, B.; Seeger, A. (2021-06-22)
    We consider variation operators for the family of spherical means, with special emphasis on $L^p\to L^q$ estimates
  • Carleman type inequalities for fractional relativistic operators 

    Stan, D.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM; Vega, L.Autoridad BCAM (2019-09-22)
    In this paper, we derive Carleman estimates for the fractional relativistic operator. Firstly, we consider changing-sign solutions to the heat equation for such operators. We prove monotonicity inequalities and convexity ...
  • Weighted norm inequalities for rough singular integral operators 

    Li, K.; Pérez, C.Autoridad BCAM; Rivera-Ríos, I.P.; Roncal, L.Autoridad BCAM (2018-08-17)
    In this paper we provide weighted estimates for rough operators, including rough homogeneous singular integrals $T_\Omega$ with $\Omega\in L^\infty(\mathbb{S}^{n-1})$ and the Bochner--Riesz multiplier at the critical index ...

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