Marco Ellero

Group Leader

T +34 946 567 842
F +34 946 567 843

Information of interest

  • Mesoscopic modelling and simulation of espresso coffee extraction 

    Ellero, M.Autoridad BCAM; Navarini, L. (2019)
    A mesoscopic model for the simulation of espresso extraction based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method is presented. The model incorporates some essential features such as bimodal granulometry (fines-coarses) of ...
  • Shear-thickening of a non-colloidal suspension with a viscoelastic matrix 

    Vazquez-Quesada, A.; Español, P.; Tanner, R.I.; Ellero, M.Autoridad BCAM (2019)
    In this work we study the rheology of a non-colloidal suspension of rigid spherical particles interacting with a viscoelastic matrix. Three-dimensional numerical simulations under shear flow are performed using the ...
  • SPH simulations of thixo-viscoplastic fluid flow past a cylinder 

    Rossi, E.Autoridad BCAM; Garcia de Beristain, I.; Vazquez-Quesada, A.; López-Aguilar, J. E.; Ellero, M.Autoridad BCAM (2022-10-01)
    Thixotropic materials are complex fluids that display time-dependent viscosity and/or yield-stress response upon the application of a fixed deformation, while recovering their original structured-state when the deformation ...

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