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About the center

BCAM, together with the UPV/EHU and THE BILBAO CITY COUNCIL, organizes a new edition of ‘Matemáticas en la vida cotidiana ' on thursdays, april 18th and 25th, and may 2nd and 8th.

  • On behalf of BCAM, postdoctoral researcher Verónica Álvarez Castro will give a talk titled "Can Machine

About the center, BCAM people

BCAM will participate in the Bizkaia Enpresa Day organized by BEAZ

  • This is the thirteenth edition of an event whose primary goal is to strengthen the culture

BCAM people

Cristina Galán, PhD student at BCAM, participated in the new edition of ‘Peer Encounters’, organized by Bizilabe Bilbao

  • Alongside Cristina, 18 other professional women in science and technology spoke to 90 young people gathered at the Ensanche Building about the c

About the center, BCAM people

The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics attracts the talent of a researcher who has been awarded a scholarship from the ”la Caixa” Foundation to pursue postdoctoral studies

  • La Rioja native Miguel Aguilera receives support from the ”la Caixa” Foundation under the Junior Leader postdoctoral fellowship program, which has just awarded a total of 40 fellowships to out

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Cost-sensitive ordinal classification methods to predict SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia severity

García, F.; Lee, D.J.; España Yandiola, P.P.; Urrutia Landa, I.; Martínez-Minaya, J.; Hayet-Otero, M.; Nieves Ermecheo, M.; Quintana, J.M.; Menéndez, R.; Torres, A.; Zalacain Jorge, R. (2024-02-08)

Objective: To study the suitability of cost-sensitive ordinal artificial intelligence-machine learning (AI-ML) strategies in the prognosis of SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia severity. Materials & methods: Observational, retrospective,...

Reliable prediction of difficult airway for tracheal intubation from patient preoperative photographs by machine learning methods

García, F.; Lee, D.J.; Mendoza Garcés, F.; García-Gutiérrez, S. (2024-03-01)

Background: Estimating the risk of a difficult tracheal intubation should help clinicians in better anaesthesia planning, to maximize patient safety. Routine bedside screenings suffer from low sensitivity. Objective: To...

Banach function spaces done right

Lorist, E.; Nieraeth, Z. (2024-03-01)

In this survey, we discuss the definition of a (quasi-)Banach function space. We advertise the original definition by Zaanen and Luxemburg, which does not have various issues introduced by other, subsequent definitions. More...

Indoor Localization System With NLOS Mitigation Based on Self-Training

Huang, Y.; Mazuelas, S.; Ge, F.; Shen, Y. (2023-07-01)

Location-awareness has become a fundamental requirement for multiple emerging applications with the rapid development of wireless technologies. The high-accuracy ranging enabled by ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) signals is ofte...