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About the center

BCAM joins the BBK Kuna Kideak alliance to drive the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals in Bizkaia

BBK Kuna Kideak is a space for strategic collaboration, pooling efforts to address the most pressing challenges of our time, exchange best practices, and access specialized resources and knowledge.   BCAM joins the BBK Kuna Kideak 2030 network, a multisectoral alliance of over 100 entities,…


The first edition of the workshop "QuMA: Queer and Trans in Mathematical Analysis" was hosted at BCAM

  • The workshop took place at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM, located in Bilbao, from June 12 to 1

About the center

Mathematics and Music come together from june 20 to 22 to form ‘2M: Music and Mathematics’ and the first ‘Villa de Bilbao’ Piano Competition organized by BCAM

  • This cultural initiative is part of Bilbomath, an agreement signed between the Bilbao City Council and BCAM to promote internationalization and innovation in attracting talent.


BCAM organises the Basque Astrotech Computational Neuroscience Meeting 2024

  • The event took place at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM at its headquarters in Bilbao from June

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Tackling the development of hormone therapy resistance in breast cancer through mathematical modelling



Complex Network Approaches for Epidemic Modeling: A Case Study of COVID-19

Srivastav, A.K.; Anam, V.; Blasco-Aguado, R.; Estadilla, C.D.; Guerrero, B.V.; Kebir, A.; Mateus, L.; Naffeti, B.; Saldaña, F.; Steindorf, V.; Stollenwerk, N. (2024-03-01)

Since the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the importance of mathematical modeling as a tool for comprehending disease dynamics has been highlighted, with several mathematical modeling techniques being applied and developed to simulate ...

On shape design and optimization of gerotor pumps

Pedrera-Busselo, A.; Mejia-Parra, D.; Moreno, A.; Posada, J.; Pareja-Corcho, J.C; Barton, M.; Posada (2024-06-01)

, J.; Pareja-Corcho, J.C; Barton, M.;

Semi-Analytical Estimation for the Escape of Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Slowly Varying Coefficients

Ponce Vanegas, F.; Bartfai, A.; Dombovari, Z. (2024-01-01)

Emerging vibrations are a major and often unpredictable limitation in engineering design. The engineering description of these vibrations is usually based on linear models with constant parameters. However, in reality, this ...