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About the center

BCAM's MTB (Mathematical and Theoretical Biology) Group is currently on a research visit to several prestigious institutions in Asia

They have visited Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo,  Japan; Hokkaido University,  Sapporo l, Japan; Konkuk University, Seoul,  Korea(where they organised a symposium during the KSMB-SMB conference (over 700 participants); Universitas Indonesia,  besides the research visit, the group attended as…

About the center

BCAM is part of ORE4Citizens, an alliance driven by Basque women scientists to bring the potential of marine renewables to the public

  • BCAM, TECNALIA, UPV/EHU and EUSKAMPUS FUNDAZIOA, launch a program of free activities for all ages aimed at bringing science closer to the public through marine renewable energies.

About the center

BCAM participates in the ECM 2024 Sevilla Congress

  • This event of the European Mathematical Society (EMS) is held every four years and is considered the second most important event in mathematics in the world. 

About the center

BCAM adheres to DORA and CoARA international initiatives to promote responsible research

  • The Center continues its commitment to promoting responsible research by joining these two key international init

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Tackling the development of hormone therapy resistance in breast cancer through mathematical modelling



Complex Network Approaches for Epidemic Modeling: A Case Study of COVID-19

Srivastav, A.K.; Anam, V.; Blasco-Aguado, R.; Estadilla, C.D.; Guerrero, B.V.; Kebir, A.; Mateus, L.; Naffeti, B.; Saldaña, F.; Steindorf, V.; Stollenwerk, N. (2024-03-01)

Since the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the importance of mathematical modeling as a tool for comprehending disease dynamics has been highlighted, with several mathematical modeling techniques being applied and developed to simulate ...

On shape design and optimization of gerotor pumps

Pedrera-Busselo, A.; Mejia-Parra, D.; Moreno, A.; Posada, J.; Pareja-Corcho, J.C; Barton, M.; Posada (2024-06-01)

, J.; Pareja-Corcho, J.C; Barton, M.;

Semi-Analytical Estimation for the Escape of Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Slowly Varying Coefficients

Ponce Vanegas, F.; Bartfai, A.; Dombovari, Z. (2024-01-01)

Emerging vibrations are a major and often unpredictable limitation in engineering design. The engineering description of these vibrations is usually based on linear models with constant parameters. However, in reality, this ...