AUTOEV@L: Evolución tecnológica para la automatización multivehicular y evaluación de funciones de conducción altamente automatizadas

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BCAM principal investigator: Santiago Mazuelas
BCAM research line(s) involved:
Reference: KK-2021/00123
Coordinator: Vicomtech
Partners: Tecnalia
BCAM - Basque center for Applied Mathematics
UPV - University of Basque Country
Automotive Intelligence Center
University of Mondragon
Duration: 2021 - 2022
Funding agency: Basque Government (ELKARTEK)
Type: Regional Project
Status: Ongoing Project


The Mobility industry (Automotive and Railway) has a great weight in the industrial activity of the ACBC. The ACBC is a natural and industrial environment which provides particularly outstanding development conditions for the Automotive Sector. With the emergence of artificial intelligence and new hardware, the last 5 years have seen a major leap in the automation sector, where the component manufacturers (Continental, Bosch, Valeo) are making a big bet together with the main OEMs. But in this new opportunity, suppliers who had missed the first leap in electronics are making big bets not to be left out of the picture, e.g. ZF, Wabco, Nordbremse, etc. Developments in electronics and now the inclusion of automation are shaking the pyramid of the value chain, and suppliers are making big bets not to be left out of the picture. And the margins and demands are making the TIER1s, who supply only parts, more and more under pressure, and with the need for more and more automation, the value chain pyramid is being shaken, are under more pressure and fear of offshoring in case cheaper production sites can be found. It is essential that these companies do not miss the automation bandwagon and, even if only some of them can afford to invest in automation, it is essential that they do not miss out. In addition, technological advances in Artificial Intelligence, Communications and (Cyber) security will not only allow for the automation of will allow not only the automation of transport at the product level but also in all phases of its value chain and the industrial sector in general. Therefore, the automation of mobility is going to play a key role in all transport systems, parts and systems suppliers. The success of this project can be translated into a great commitment to the future, in which large agents in the ACBC will be able to benefit andthe ACBC will be able to benefit and g enerate wealth for the business network of the Basque Country. - Vehicle and component manufacturers * IRIZAR (Buses, eTRAM, Refuse Trucks, Electric Trucks, OEM Profile and TIER1) * CAF (Trains, Tramway, Bus, OEM/TIER1 Role) * CIE, Gestamp, BATZ Group (Damping, Steering, Mechatronics, Lightweight Structure, Bodywork) - Industry 4.0 Automation of industrial buildings * INSER ROBÓTICA: Complete plant automation * ASTI: Suppliers of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) * Industrial facilities

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